Welcome, I’m glad you stopped by! I’m Brittany Pannapacker, founder and creator of Britt Lauren Designs. I originally started my own business as part of a college project and desired to continue with my dream to one day sell items in stores that would encourage and influence others.¬†While my dream is ever so far away from being reached, I’m continuing to chip away at my goal by creating the things I love and offering them to the world.

My mission for Britt Lauren Designs is to use the talents God has given me and create items that can encourage others and help them discover God’s love for them. I desire the central theme of my products, and my work, to be used for God’s glory and that it would be honoring to Him.

A snapshot into my life is I’m a handletterer. Typography fanatic. Color palette enthusiast. Lover of simplicity. Ice Skating novice. Writer. Beach lover. Design is my pursuit, but God is my passion.