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growing-weary-in-the-wait Waiting

Growing Weary in the Wait

Some days hit us hard and leave us with a lack of motivation to continue on. We try to be positive when frustrations come our way. We try to find a fresh focus, knowing God is working even through things that just don't make an ounce of sense. We try…
Britt Lauren
June 8, 2018
Why-Hope Why Study

Why Hope?

When we're in the midst of life's darkest storms the hardest thing to find is hope. How can we hope for anything good to come from something so dismaying? Why should we find good in this situation? How can we have faith knowing God is going to ever answer our…
Britt Lauren
May 23, 2018
Why-Endure Why Study

Why Endure?

Sometimes struggles hit us hard and they leave us feeling paralyzed. Those debilitating thoughts and memories of the trial resound like a never-ending echo that just won't seem to cease. Once you think you've overcome the pain, it returns like a crashing wave of emotions flooding incessantly and feeling more…
Britt Lauren
May 2, 2018
Why-Forgive Why Study

Why Forgive?

I believe we all have encountered an experience when we felt as though we were treated unfairly. We were taken advantage of. Cheated. Abandoned. Rejected. Cast aside. Undervalued. Abused. Emotionally hurt. Ridiculed. Criticized. Forgotten. Persecuted. Bullied. Need I say more? The list could go on. In times of deep hurting…
Britt Lauren
April 7, 2018
why-believe-shadow Why Study

Why Believe?

Have you ever felt like you were beginning to feel close to God and your trust in Him was beginning to strengthen to a deeper level. Then all of a sudden it seemed as if all your dreams and desires were dashed and it was like God left you empty…
Britt Lauren
March 7, 2018

Grieving through the Holidays

You know it's that time of year again when Christmas rolls around and you're bringing out the decorations and turning your home into a festive wonderland. You find yourself listening to the cheerful peppy tunes on the radio, but somewhere deep inside your heart is aching. You may be able…
Britt Lauren
January 13, 2018

Living in a Broken Mess

Looking back over this past year has left me with bittersweet emotions. While there were times that bring a smile to my face, I find my memories often being dominated by a numbing pain that seems to endlessly persist. Although it's not always constant, but when the waves of pain…
Britt Lauren
January 7, 2018

What Now?

Have you ever taken a few moments to look back over your life? Recalling circumstances you've gone through. Hardships you've encountered. Times when you couldn't contain your happiness? Dark days you never thought you'd pull through? When I look back over all God has brought me through I often find…
Britt Lauren
November 25, 2017

Reaping in Due Season

Have you ever felt yourself growing weary in your current circumstances and wondered when the time will come when you will reap the fruit of your labor? When the hard times come it's easy to grow discouraged and lose strength to press on when it seems there is no end…
Britt Lauren
November 15, 2017


Have you ever felt alone? Not just lonesome, but you were physically and emotionally alone. Empty. Forsaken and forgotten? There was nobody who was there for you. You felt like there was no one who could help solve the issues on your heart. Have you ever felt this way with…
Britt Lauren
September 11, 2017