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Do you feel the need to constantly impress others? Feeling worn down to constantly meet up to the expectations of others? Maybe you’re a people pleaser like me and find yourself often being overwhelmed by people’s perceptions of you.

That’s why I put together a 23 page downloadable PDF bundle full of resources and study items to help you overcome people pleasing.

The PDF Bundle Includes

4 devotional articles

Topics include: Driven to impress, the fear of saying no, feeding off praise and stuffing emotions

14 Study Questions

Questions relating to each topic of the study to help you delve deeper and find out where you people please most.

4 frameable Scripture printouts

Bible verses relating to each topic of the study that you can print out and frame as visual reminders.

4 study printable quote cards

Pull quotes taken from the study that you can print out, cut to size and carry with you.

4 fillable quote card printouts

Blank cards especially created for you to write down memorable thoughts or Scripture from the study.
Download the Free PDF