When We Lose What We Love Devotional Booklet


When we think of loss, most often the first thought that pops into our head is someone we love dying and passing away. While most loss does involve death, it certainly isn’t limited to a physical death of a loved one.
We encounter many losses in our lifetime that require us to endure through a grieving process. Many of us may not realize just how much we need to grieve when God takes something from us. When we have proper insight on what God removes from our lives, and we can intentionally grieve their loss, I believe it can help us process our pain more effectively. Each chapter of the study includes personal application questions and an area to write out your prayers, helping you to process and work through your grief.

  • Denying the pain: processing the initial phase of loss
  • Endless questions: overcoming doubts that arise as we begin to heal
  • Waves of anger: why anger is an important and necessary phase of loss
  • Emotional overload: working through the emotions of losing something you love
  • Accepting: overcoming and moving on with your life
Product Details:
  • 5″ x 8″ saddle stitched binding
  • 43 pages
  • Glossy print in full color

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