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By September 11, 2017September 28th, 2021No Comments

Have you ever felt alone? Not just lonesome, but you were physically and emotionally alone. Empty. Forsaken and forgotten? There was nobody who was there for you. You felt like there was no one who could help solve the issues on your heart.

Have you ever felt this way with God? Like he was unavailable. Like you were getting that automated voicemail where your calls felt like they were being left and placed in an overflowing surplus of messages, either waiting to be opened or left to be deleted. Sometimes it feels like God is so far away and we missed the “Sorry we’re closed” announcement.

Sometimes the moments of silence and waiting can feel like they drag on endlessly and we wonder “How long?” It feels like we can’t take another moment of silence and we question God’s purpose for the circumstances we are enduring.

Although at times I truly do question what God’s up to and if He’s really there, I have this promise that He always hears us. Sometimes the greatest faith is believing that God is working amidst the piercing silence that overtakes His quiet whisper that He has indeed never left us. I have grown to find that even when the silence lingers longer than ever, that there will be and end. I have hope that God is using this time of resounding quietness to draw me closer to Him. When others are unavailable it leads me to one Someone that I know I can always run to. Someone who always welcomes and accepts me. Someone who I can reveal myself with and not feel ashamed or misunderstood. God is always available. He’s never “Gone for the weekend” or giving us the cold shoulder. He’s always wanting our best and He’s always attentive to our pleas for help. He’s always working through our circumstances, no matter how big or small.

Others will let us down. They won’t always be there for us. It’s a fact of life, but God will never leave our side and He will pull us through in due time. It may not be easy. It might feel like the silence and the waiting is tearing us apart, but it’s strengthening us when we look to God for help. We may not be able to do it on our own, but with God’s continual help and perseverance we know we can get through it together.