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Have you ever needed to meet someone at a new location and you arrived at your destination, but you grew unsure if you were truly in the right place? Your surroundings were unfamiliar and you didn’t recognize anyone, leaving you feeling alone and uncertain. Sometimes in life I feel the same. I question if I’m where God desires me. I grow worried if I’m walking down an unknown path that will lead to a dead end. I question the purpose for the place God has me in and negative thoughts overtake my mind making me grow discouraged, anxious and afraid that God isn’t in this place of uncertainty with me.

Yet, it comes down to something so simple, yet ever-so challenging. Trust. It’s such a small word, but exercising it is such a substantial endeavor. When we can trust God with where He has us, we can find peace knowing we’re exactly where we need to be. If we’re following and trusting God we don’t have to become worried that He will lead us down a path with a dead end. He will make a way. I’ve found it helpful in finding purpose for where God has me by trusting He’s working through my life and also working within me.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths.

You’re reaching a hand-selected audience

You don’t need to be a teacher or speaker to have an audience. I believe each of us has an audience that God selected for each of our lives, we may just not be able to see them all sitting in a room in front of us. Each of us touch people throughout our everyday lives. You may go about our day thinking your life is lacking purpose, feeling invisible and far from making an impact, but with each interaction, you are touching others’ lives more than you may realize.

You may never know how much your smile encouraged someone. Maybe you were the only one who showed someone love on one of their darkest days. You may never know how deeply your words of encouragement touched someone who was at the end of their rope. One simple act in your eyes, could be an incredible blessing to someone else.

You may think your place right now seems ineffective, like your life is invisible, but don’t lose hope! People watch and notice how you act, react and live your life. If you’re living for God and displaying His love, they surely see a difference in you, although they may never say anything.

Despite the inability for you to discover the purpose for who God has placed in your life, you can rest assured that He has brought each person interacting with you for a unique purpose. Take advantage of where God has you and use it as an incredible opportunity for you to display God’s love like only He can do when you have a humble and willing heart.

Matthew 5:16

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

Exodus 9:16

But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you My power and that My name might be proclaimed in all the earth.

You’re being prepared

With each new day it can feel like it brings many circumstances, problems and situations that need to be handled. Worries that overwhelm your mind. Choices that feel too difficult to make. Pain that just doesn’t seem to be healed. Disappointments that feel like they hit you hard. The loss of something you thought God had blessed you with. Frustrations that cause your patience to be tested. Enduring through the silent seasons of waiting.

Whatever you are experiencing, no matter how insignificant it may seem, every circumstance is preparing you. God is shaping you and molding your character. Things you view as God breaking your heart, He is using to prepare you for something you’ll experience down the road, or better yet, for your eternal purpose. Some of our hardest moments God allows us to experience so we have the ability to help and encourage others enduring through a similar situation. We never know what God is preparing us for!

I have found that in my day-to-day tasks I often find myself feeling like it consists of the same issues, struggles and problems. Although, when I take a look back, I can see how God has been ever so slowly chipping away at my heart. I can see how He’s taught me, grown me and helped me overcome things that I know I never could have on my own. Maybe take a few moments and look back over the past couple years at your own life. Ponder how you’ve grown and recall what new things God has taught you. What skills, qualities and characteristics has God been refining that maybe in your daily life you’ve overlooked?

We can get caught up in the daily routine that we forget that each encounter and situation is preparing and shaping us. Choose to look at your current situation and know that you can learn from it. It’s not meant to hurt you, but help grow you for the amazing purpose God is preparing you for.

Job 42:2

I know that You can do all things; no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.

1 Peter 1:6-7

 In all this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that the proven genuineness of your faith—of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire—may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.

When I grow weary in the place God has me in, I have to refocus my mind and remember that when I’m seeking God for direction, He is with me; even when it feels like I don’t see any signs that I’m where I need to be in sight. I can remember my God is near. He is guiding me when I don’t know the way. He’s using my life to touch others in ways I cannot understand. He’s preparing me and providing me with unique opportunities that I may fail to realize when I become so caught up in the unknown.

When you trust God with your place, you can rest assured He is using it for immense purpose. We simply need to trust that He’s got it in His hands and is using our life to touch others and shape our character. There is purpose for the exact place God has you, even though it may feel uncertain. You’re right where you need to be so God can work through you and within you effectively, trust Him, He’s got this!

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