The Need to Please Devotional Booklet


Do you feel the need to constantly impress others? Feeling worn down to constantly meet up to the expectations of others? Maybe you’re a people pleaser like me and find yourself often being overwhelmed by people’s perceptions of you. In this study I discuss the many ways we feel the pressure to please others and how we can overcome the pressure and focus on how God views us. Each chapter of the study contains application questions to help you dig a little deeper to help you process your need to please.

  • Driven to impress: feeling the need to attain perfection to be accepted.
  • The fear of saying no: feeling the need to take on more than you can handle.
  • Feeding off praise: feeling the need to attain praise to be worthy.
  • Stuffing emotions: feeling the need to hold things deep inside so nobody sees.
Product Details:
  • 5″ x 8″ saddle stitched binding
  • 39 pages
  • Glossy print in full color

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